Anthony Jones is an experienced architectural photographer. His work is all about attention to detail, everything has to be right from the lighting, to the colour, to the composition.


 Each image has to tell its own story. Spaces are described architecturally and details are all about the joy of the design and quality of the materials. He has an unerring eye for what works and what doesn't and knows how to achieve it. Living all across 4 continents during his lifetime, got him the privilege to see the most spectacular forms of human engeneering.

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Missoula Pest Control


The only true long term solution for solving your pest issues.






At Holdfast, we truly believe that exclusion and sealing pests out is the future of pest control. We've spent years researching with a variety of methods that are effective and cosmetically appealing



We Capture and Solve Your Pigeon Problems.


After our pigeon handler has captured most of the birds, we provide the option of completely excluding pigeons from entering the interior spaces of your business or home. If they can't roost, there's no reason for pigeons to return.




Rodent Removal and Control


Rodents are the 2nd most successful mammal on the planet for good reason. They are adept at living around people and our structures. They have high breeding capacity and have a wide variety of food they eat. Most control methods involve poisoning mice indoors where you can achieve success but its never long term. In our years of experience, we have only found one method that is successful at stopping future generations. EXCLUSION. Stop mice from entering your home permanently. It is the most effective and most cost effective over time because you are not paying for annual maintenance.





Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel

We're Wildlife 

Exclusion Specialists.



We are the only pest control company that employs standard construction practices into our exclusions. We trained with Echelon Contracting, learning how to do construction and apply what we learned into our business. Exclusion is our specialty.





Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel
Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel

•  Customized treatment plan for each home  •  Exclusion  •  Long lasting products  •  Install Monitoring Devices






•  100% Humane Removal  •  All Exclusions are warrantied for one year.  •  Invasive Animals are illegal to release  •  Recycle Culled Animals to Raptor Rescue Facilities  •  We will relocate native species when possible  •  We actually SOLVE your problem



Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel

Nuisance Wildlife Removal


We are the only Certified Advanced Wildlife Operator in the state of Montana. We are fully trained and vested in providing you with an elite service that not only addresses your wildlife concerns but fixes the Problem with long lasting solutions that are going to add value to your home. We are trained in zoonotic diseases, animal handling, attic and crawl restoration, positive and cage trapping, inspections, exclusions and animal damage.



Missoula Pest Control



Exclusion, the only long-term

solution for pest control 

• Eco-Friendly • Reduce all your pesticide dependency

• Minimize dead animals decomposing in your walls • Protect your biggest asset (your business or home)

• Add value to your home • It just makes sense, stop the pests from coming in and you solve your pest problems.




Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel
Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel
Missoula Pest Control - Mt. Sentinel