Anthony Jones is an experienced architectural photographer. His work is all about attention to detail, everything has to be right from the lighting, to the colour, to the composition.


 Each image has to tell its own story. Spaces are described architecturally and details are all about the joy of the design and quality of the materials. He has an unerring eye for what works and what doesn't and knows how to achieve it. Living all across 4 continents during his lifetime, got him the privilege to see the most spectacular forms of human engeneering.

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Pest Control in Seeley Lake, MT


Are you in need of pest control services in Seeley Lake?


There are many species of pests that live in Montana, and a number of them will try to share your home whether you like it or not. Problematic pest species found in Seeley Lake include mice, wasps, hornets, spiders, ants and box elder bugs.


Many pest insects and arachnids are venomous, and may pose a threat to your family if they nest in or around your home. Mice can be very destructive to your home or business, and are also known to spread diseases such as hantavirus through their droppings.


If you have a pest infestation in your Seeley Lake home or business, you need a professional pest control service to exterminate them. The HoldFast team is here to help!


Advanced Pest Control Services


HoldFast Enviro Pest Solutions offers environmentally safe pest control solutions to residents of Seeley Lake. Sign up for our customizable Eco-Seasonal Pest Program, and we'll make a series of visits to your house or business during each season to treat your property for the types of pests which may congregate during specific times of years. All of our pest control products are natural, so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals affecting your children or pets.


In spring, our professionals will use long-lasting residual treatments to control spiders, wasps, ants and box elder bugs throughout the year. During summer, we'll conduct recurring pest control treatments every 90 days, with a focus on wasps and hornets that build nests during this time. In fall, when mice begin nesting in buildings, our specialists will search your house or workplace for any rodent activity and use appropriate pest control methods to keep them at bay. Finally, in winter, we'll continue to use bait boxes to eliminate marauding mice and remove any rodents that manage to sneak inside your property.


HoldFast Puts Pests Out of Commission


Don't let pests make you paranoid in your own home or office. Contact HoldFast Enviro Pest Solutions today for premium pest control services in the Seeley Lake area!