Anthony Jones is an experienced architectural photographer. His work is all about attention to detail, everything has to be right from the lighting, to the colour, to the composition.


 Each image has to tell its own story. Spaces are described architecturally and details are all about the joy of the design and quality of the materials. He has an unerring eye for what works and what doesn't and knows how to achieve it. Living all across 4 continents during his lifetime, got him the privilege to see the most spectacular forms of human engeneering.

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Missoula Pest Control - Hobo Spiders and Spiders
Missoula Pest Control - The Rattlesnake in the 90s

At   HoldFast   Enviro    Pest   Solutions we're writing a new story here in Missoula, using environmentally safe methods to eliminate pests. Our aim is to reduce toxic chemical exposure to people, animals and the environment. We want to let Missoula know, they do have a CHOICE when it comes to pesticides being applied in their home or business.

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Missoula Pest Control - Carpenter Ants and Ants
Missoula Pest Control - Wasps and Yellow Jackets
Wasps and hornets Start off as a single queen, by fall you can have a nest numbering in the hundreds. Wasps and Hornets can be beneficial predators to many pests found around homes and businesses, however if the nests reach large volume and are located in high traffic areas than they should be treated in a safe and proper manner. 

Hobo spiders are an venomous invasive species found here in Missoula. They are generally encountered in late summer/fall in basements or cool damp areas. Best time to treat them is BEFORE they enter your home. call for free estimate!

Carpenter Ants are a nuisance pest that can be found in homes or businesses foraging for food or water. They tend to nest in rotting logs, stumps, roots and also can cause structural damage to buildings/homes in search of a nest.



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